What is a Fitness Tracker?

What is a fitness tracker? Before we come to the definition, let’s have a look at why people are using it more and more nowadays.

Have you ever heard of, or read about incidents involving a sportsperson who suddenly collapses during exercise? Or some regular Joe who fell unconscious out of the blue while browsing through racks of goods in a convenience store? In such cases that result in death, more than often it was due to underlying heart conditions of which some of the victims were not aware. In this fast-track world we are living in right now, we often overlooked important things such as our heart health. Granted, we eat healthily, we also exercise to keep our health in check. But how do we know if all these efforts do more good than harm to our precious bodies?

One way to find out is to opt for regular health screening. But not many of us could find time to do so as a result of hectic and unbalanced work-life. Another option is to do a basic self-check for at least heart rate and blood pressure. However, such medical devices were not portable, making it more difficult for us to monitor our health status. Luckily, as technology evolves, we can now carry similar devices with us, on our wrist which we call a “fitness tracker”. But again, what is a fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers, sometimes called smartwatches, activity trackers, or smart bands; are part of a new generation of devices that help people to keep fit and healthy. Despite how they are called, they all bear similar features: a device used to track our physical activities together with vital signs and transfer the data to our smartphone. Among metrics that are measured including, but are not limited to, the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burned, heart rate, blood pressure, or even sleep pattern in some devices. These data can then be analyzed to get an idea of our body condition. One could say that fitness trackers are computer-on-a-wrist. But bear in mind, those data are meant for reference purposes only. It is in no way used as a replacement for medical devices. Seeing your doctor is still the best way to check on your health status.

Nowadays, it is not just about having a perfect body. It is more about being able to maintain our health at all times so we can enjoy life to the fullest with friends and family. One way of maintaining our fitness level while living an active lifestyle has been by using modern technology such as a fitness tracker. Now you know what a fitness tracker is, would you use it in your daily life? Do share your thoughts below!

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