How to Order

Welcome to ARIZZENT! First time shopping with us? Fret not, we’re always here to help! Visit our shop at to start. Or navigate to our web menu on the top right of the screen, Shop Now > Shop.

Ready? On your marks, get set, go!

1) Select your product
Choose a fitness tracker that your recipient (or maybe yourself) will love. All of our products come with an “exploding” gift box. At the moment, there are 5 best fitness trackers in the market for you to choose from. Can’t make up your mind? Head to the page to help you decide.

2) Add to cart
Made up your mind? Click the ‘Add to cart’ button and then click ‘View cart’ to re-confirm your selection. Insert coupon code for a discount, if you have the code. Next, select your shipping method (there are 2 choices if you are in Klang Valley, otherwise there is only 1 pre-selected option based on your location). Change address if the system detects your location wrong, and proceed to checkout. 

3) Fill in your details
Login if you already have an account. If you don’t, we recommend making one. You can do that by ticking the ‘Create an account’ checkbox below the email field;

Write your details in the form for billing and shipping purposes. If the shipping address is different than the billing address, be sure to tick the ‘Ship to a different address‘ box located down below (refer to picture above, it is located just below the ‘Create an account’ checkbox), check the box and fill in your address for delivery. Do note that your shipping cost will be automatically adjusted based on your new delivery address. You also can add messages, quotes, or even add a photo of your memorable moment (optional), all will be printed on a 9cm x 5cm card (approximately) for easy keeping. To add messages/ quotes, write them in the ‘Order Notes‘ field. Remember to include sender identity (your name/nickname) or choose to remain anonymous. To attach a photo, choose a file to upload subsequently. Remember to crop your photo to a 2:1 ratio (length: height) before uploading. Or we may crop them for you according to our own judgment.

4) Place your order
Next, select your payment method, click accept terms and conditions, and proceed to place order. There are 3 payment methods for your convenience;

  1. via Direct bank transfer
    – most direct way to pay
    – select this option and proceed to place the order
    – you will receive an email containing our banking info
    – use your order ID as payment reference and proceed to pay
    – once the payment is cleared, we will proceed with your order accordingly

  2. via toyyibPay
    – secure online payment gateway
    – choose your preferred online banking or pay with a credit/debit card
    – you will receive a confirmation email after successful payment

  3. via PayPal
    – select this option and click the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button
    – you will be redirected to PayPal account login page
    – login if you have an account, or select a credit/debit card to proceed with payment

5) Review your order details
Once your order is received, you’ll be able to review your order details. You’ll also receive an order confirmation email with your order number.

6) Now you’re done!
Sit back and wait for the goods to reach the intended recipient. Meanwhile, head to our feedback section to share your experience with us. Your feedback is important for our improvement, and for us to continue to deliver our best service to you.