How to order?

Head to our shop and add your desired product to your cart. Proceed to place the order and select your payment method. Make payment and wait for your goods to be delivered. For a complete and detailed guide on how to order, head to

How to ship to a different address from billing?

Before placing the order, there will be a section for a different shipping address. Click the box to activate it and fill in the address for delivery. For a complete and detailed guide on how to order, head to

When will I get my parcel?

Due to our limited manpower at the moment, every order placed will be processed on the next working day. The parcel will be ready within 2 days for self pick-up. For standard delivery, it will take about 4 to 5 days to reach you, after order confirmation, depending on courier service.

*In view of recent situations involving Covid-19, there could be a little delay by the courier that is outside our control. However, we will put all efforts to make sure you received your parcel in a timely manner.

Is it safe to deliver an “exploding” box using courier service?

Our products will be packaged in a surprise “exploding” box, with measures taken to safeguard the box itself together with its content. The box will be protected with sufficient padding, an outer box, bubble wraps, and another secure plastic wrap. The box will also be labeled as “Fragile”. On top of that, we have conducted a series of tests to ensure the products will reach safe and sound, despite unpredictable conditions during transit. We would like to recommend you to take photos or videos upon unboxing the package, for us to provide proof to the courier service provider in case of product damage and warranty claim.

Why fitness tracker?

According to research in the American Journal of Medicine, the use of fitness trackers boosts motivation for us to work out. This will then help to maintain our health. Besides, fitness trackers can be used to monitor our vital signs. Although the measurement taken could not be taken as medical facts, we can use the readings as a reference to our normal stats. To know more on why we choose fitness trackers, read our story at where we share our reasons.

What is a fitness tracker, and what does it do?

In the past, there was a clear distinction between a fitness tracker (a device with sensors that relay data to our smartphone) and a smartwatch (basically a smartphone on your wrist). However, nowadays both devices’ functions have converged, becoming more and more similar. They are now called fitness trackers, activity trackers, smartwatches, smart bands, but all bear similar features: a device used to track our physical activities together with vital signs and transfer the data to our smartphone. Among its functions are heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, skin temperature measurement, sleep analysis, sport and activity stats recording, and many more.

Is the device water-proof?

At the moment, there are 2 types of water-proof classification for our products (refer to individual product page). IP68 indicates that the device can withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and can be used up to 1.5 m deep in water for up to 30 minutes. While 5 ATM Water-Resistant means that the device is safe to be used in calm water up to 50 m deep for up to 10 minutes.

What to do if we receive a defective/ not functioning device?

All of our fitness trackers come with 1-year limited warranty. Reach us at for warranty and replacement-related matters. To know more about warranty and replacement, read our detailed description at

Do you sell fitness tracker brands/ models other than selection in your shop? I want another model as a gift.

Yes, of course! However, it strictly depends on our supplier’s stock availability. Contact us at to know more.

I have nobody to give the gift to. Can I buy just the fitness tracker for myself?

Our products come with a gift box that consists of a fitness tracker, a water bottle, and a sports towel. All are essentials that are useful for a sportsperson or a regular Joe. The box is also bundled with motivational quotes and positive messages to boost your drive to become healthier. Just like our motto: healthy body, blissful life. It is a great gift for oneself.

If I have other questions, how do I reach out to you?

You can drop us an email at, or WhatsApp us at +60103107530. We are always ready to help.