About Us

ARIZZENT is the only Malaysian online gift shop with a health accessories theme. We focus on fitness trackers as the main gift, aligned with our motto: healthy body, blissful life. It is our commitment to curate the best fitness trackers available in the industry, delivering them to you with a surprise “exploding” box so you can focus on building delightful moments with the people you treasure. Our goal is to inspire Malaysians, whether sportsperson or not, to be more aware of their health condition with the use of fitness trackers.

Our Story

We heard more and more news about deaths by underlying health conditions day by day. Some of them were healthy people who dedicated their lives to sports and being active, yet they still succumb to illnesses. Reports have shown that most of the sudden death cases were caused by unawareness of one’s heart condition. In most cases, there are signs that our body exhibits but are ignored by us whether knowingly or unknowingly. Such signs include abnormal heartbeat, a spike in blood pressure, and an increase in body temperature. These signs can be detected with dedicated equipment in the healthcare center. We already know that, but we lack awareness.

I started ARIZZENT to spread awareness on personal fitness and health monitoring among Malaysians. According to Malaysia Health Survey conducted in March 2020, Malaysians are living their best healthy lifestyle. Basically, we are healthy, but only on the surface. Why so? For starters, only 19% of Malaysians getting enough exercise. Besides, only 19% concerns about their fitness. And that’s very few. Yes, we may eat healthily. We may also exercise a few times a week but there is one thing that we overlook, that is monitor our health level. We can do just that by measuring vital signs using a fitness tracker.

But here comes the challenge; how do we make Malaysians be more alert on their health conditions and adopt the use of fitness trackers to their lifestyle?

Not long ago I stumbled upon an article, about Curtis Carey of Hudson, Wisconsin. He spotted his irregular heartbeat from his fitness tracker that was given by his wife. After a few months of noticing the same irregularities, he visits his doctor and after a CT scan, he found out blockages in three blood vessels. He then had bypass surgery, and now is well into his recovery. The story inspired me with a solution: promote the use of fitness trackers by giving them as a gift, just like what Curtis’s wife did!

And now our journey has begun. With ultimate mission in mind: “to inspire everyone to have a healthier body and lead a blissful life”, we offer a special “exploding” gift box meant for fitness enthusiasts as well as regular folks to help monitor their health. Unlike other gift boxes and baskets, we provide gift options exclusively for your favorite person, with quality guaranteed products that will help them enhance their well-being. It is a gift like no other.