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Gifts are meant for everyone. We help you to encourage your other half to be better, healthier, happier with SPORTY GIFT BOX, a gift like no other.

"We make a living by what we get,

but we make a life by what we give"

- Winston Churchill -

What is Sporty Gift Box?

Sporty Gift Box is a special gift box meant for everyone; whether fitness enthusiasts or common folks, to help them monitor their health. Unlike other gift boxes or baskets, Sporty Gift Box offers gift options exclusively for your favorite recipient, with quality guaranteed products that help them enhance their well-being. It’s a gift like no other.

Why US?

One of a Kind

We are the only gift shop with health and fitness concept in the market. We provide a gift service that’s not only meaningful but also practical and will help to motivate users to get healthier. Let us help each other to live a better life for the future!

More in a Box

Sporty Gift Box contains multiple items in one box, all sport-essentials. Not only that, it is also bundled with motivational quotes and positive messages to uplift your spirit!

Added Memory Value

Sporty Gift Box comes with an “exploding” box. It serves as added surprise to the recipient. The gift will be more valuable and memorable. Joyful memory lasts forever!

Complimentary Essentials

Sporty Gift Box comes with a complimentary hand towel, water bottle, and silicone bracelet. They help to keep you dry and hydrated while being in style. Focus more on your exercise to obtain maximum impact!


What to do with the empty box? You may re-use them to return surprise, or for other stuff-keeping purposes.  If you don’t want to keep it, do note that most of the materials are recyclable. Do your part to save the environment!


The exploding box is packaged in 4 layers of protection to maximize impact absorption and nullify potentially damaging forces during delivery. First, it is padded with shredded paper. Then, it is fitted into a thick, strong carton box. Next, it is covered with bubble wrap. Finally, a strong plastic sheet is wrapped around it, complete with “fragile” tape and stickers. Worry not, it will reach you safely!

The law of GIVING is simple;

If you want joy - give joy.

If love is what you seek - offer love.

If you crave material affluence - help others become prosperous.

- Deepak Chopra -

So, what's in the box?

Fitness Tracker

Track your activity; how many calories burned, how far the distance traveled, how many steps have you take, while simultaneously measure your vital signs. These data can be used to understand your body better.

Hand Towel

Don’t let all that sweat slow you down and hinder you. Wipe them away, keep on going, finish your routine exercise. Reach your target with no sweat!

Water Bottle

A must-have for sports nuts, keep you rehydrated after all that sweat. 

Silicone Bracelet

A nice bracelet with a positive message embedded to boost your drive while working out. It reminds you to keep pushing through limits!

photo, message, cards

Oftentimes in efforts to be better, you’ll face obstacles that lead to demotivation. These motivational quote cards help to remind you of your goal and boost your spirit. Coupled with personalized message and photo, you’ll push through the barrier in no time!

how to open the box?

as that, will lead to increasing your


for one another

- Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. -

[Sahih Bukhari]

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